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It's a rollercoaster for Katie Price and husband Keiren...

Star magazine asked me to comment about the recent tape Keiren made of Katie after she'd had a few drinks. I fear there's a bit of tit-for-tat going on between them.

Here are my thoughts for Star mag...

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A few tips for talking to your children about the Manchester attack...

I'm talking @ 4:30 PM today to the lovely Jay James and Hal Stewart at BFBS Radio about handling your children's questions about the Manchester attack and other atrocities. Check BFBS on twitter @BFBS to listen in.

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You can have this chat without too much anxiety, Pam x

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What do you say to your children in the face of such an atrocity?

I'm talking at 3:20 PM today to Jon Holmes at Talk Radio about how parents can best discuss the Manchester and other atrocities with their children.

If you want to join in the conversation it's 0344-499-1000.

Take care of each other, Pam x

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Let's chat! Call me at Talk Radio Saturday night!

I'm back at Talk for an early summer stint talking everything that matters to your sex- and love-life and relationships.

That all-important number is 0344 499 1000. Call and say hello and we'll chat things over between 9 PM and midnight.

My lovely producer can change your name to give you anonymity.

You can also Tweet your question to @talkRADIO or text TALK and your message to 87222. Texts cost 25p plus your standard network rate.

Join in and help make it the best possible show - no dilemma it's too small or too large.

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Lots of love, Pam x


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You didn't say THAT in bed, did you?!

With two thirds of women feeling pressure with the pillow talk - wobdering: what can I say that isn't too much? - I hear all sorts.

Spare your blushes and check this helpful list in my Sun newspaper online column - it's a few of the things you shouldn't over share when you're first having sex.

Avoid any why-did-I-say-that moments!
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You know I'm always looking out for you, Pam x


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I'm chatting dating disasters today (May 19) at 10:45 AM so join in!

I'm joining the lovely Malcolm Boyden on BBC Hereford and Worcester radio to talk about one man that's suing his date for what he sees as bad behaviour on their date. Crazy!

If you've got a story you can call into the station on 0845 300 8181.
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Here's hoping if you're single and dating it's all going well! Pam x

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The warmer weather can do wonders for your sex life...

In today's Sun newspaper I have a feature on heating things up for you.

Who doesn't feel better when it's warmer? Loads of feelgood hormones rush through your body, the sunshine makes you happy, maybe your holidays are coming up - good times!

Check out my feature here for lots of tips to kick off your summer sizzle.
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Have fun, Pam x


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Thinking of having a crafty quickie – or more – with your ex?

The stats are pretty crazy – over 50% of people get back with an ex long-term and a further 30% have a little dalliance.

Whatever way you look at it you might as well have fun so check my latest column for the Sun newspaper online for top tips.

Make that ex-sex worth a 2nd time around.

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Take care of yourself, and each other, Pam x

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Why is this image judged and not the other below?!

I'm chatting age-gap relationships on BBC local stations tomorrow and have already done so on BBC Newcastle today.

So why's this image of new French Pres Macron and his wife judged?

When this image of Mick Jagger and his girlfriend isn't?

Image result for image of mick jagger and ballerina girlfriend

We're so ageist against older women – the so-called cougars!

Think you before you judge an age-gap relationship. Even if statistically they're more likely to break down, some are totally loved-up!

Look after yours, Pam x

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DILEMMAS: Too scared to go on top, colleague takes advantage and critical fiance ...

This month's questions for my Magnet magazine coaching column were pretty intense.

Maybe one of these applies to you – are you a woman who'd love to go on top during sex – as in Girls On Top position?

Or are you in a relationship where your partner is mega-critical of you?

Or maybe you have a colleague who takes the 'p' so to speak.

Check out the advice here! (BTW, this link takes a few seconds to open)

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There is always a step or two you can take for any dilemma, Pam x

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