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Want to approach someone in your gym or coffee shop? Singles read on...

I was recently asked a few questions about how to say hello to that person you always see in your gym or local coffee shop, etc., that you're attracted to. But just don't know how to get the conversation started.

Here are a few of my thoughts – hope they help!

Why are so many otherwise-confident adults afraid to start conversations with people they don't know?

Otherwise-confident adults get anxious about striking up conversations because they fear rejection like anyone else does. Being confident in your career, with your friends and family, etc., doesn’t protect you against the fear that interesting looking guy will turn you down.

But no one should stop themselves from saying hello because of such anxieties. Getting turned down is a part of life. It’s often nothing personal but that the person just isn’t interested in meeting someone new. The old saying nothing ventured, nothing gained is totally true!

What advice would you give to someone who wants to start a conversation with someone they like who they see on a regular basis (in the gym, a barista in a coffee shop etc)?

Keep it casual, remind yourself that you’re not launching into a speech or a big presentation. That it’s just about saying hey, have you tried the new cross trainer?

Put yourself in the reverse situation, what’s worked for you in the past? Did you like it when an attractive barista smiled and simply said: you should try this new blend?

The words are simple but the message is pretty clear: I like the look of you.

Do you think our lives would benefit if we could find the time and confidence to start more conversations with strangers?

If only people would get over their anxieties about making the first move. Because when you realise it’s not so bad, and you’ve got a 50-50 chance that he/she finds you attractive too, there’s everything to gain.

This builds your confidence to take opportunities and whether you’re looking for a fling or full-on love, the more opportunities you take, the more likely you’ll find it.

Now get out there and start saying hello to that guy/girl who caught your eye!

Better to do it and approach someone (obviously in a safe environment!) then to regret not doing it, Pam x ā€‹

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Valentine's is the perfect time to rekindle your relationship - relationship SOS for you...

In my latest Sun newspaper column I have six steps for you to rekindle that loved up vibe.

Don't throw away your relationship to quickly just because things aren't great.

Here's hoping it becomes all hearts and flowers again...

Valentine love from me to you, Pam x


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Does he think it's romantic of him to do the dishes? (Exasperated face) Read on...

In today's Sun newspaper, page 39, I have some 'emergency love hints' for you if you've got an unromantic guy. With a survey just out that 40% of women complain they've never even had a romantic text (! Come on guys how hard is a romantic text?) I hang my head wondering what is it with some partners.

Sure, some women don't have a romantic bone in their body, but it's more likely that the guy can't pull out the romance.

Here are some tips you can try to squeeze a little out of him – either for Valentine's Day or any day of the year...

Good luck, Pam x

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Could it be all over by Valentine's? Check the signs you're going to get dumped...

We all hope for a loved-at Valentine's but for some couples it's the last stress for their relationship.

In my Sun newspaper online column I highlight seven signs that you might be about to get dumped. Although written for women it could also apply to the guys.

Here's hoping you can sort things out, Pam x


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Check my Twitter feed for a fantastic giveaway, perfect for Valentine's Day!

If you love a rom-com (I do!) and Reese Witherspoon (I do!) then check the ace giveaway I have for one lucky winner on Twitter courtesy of DNA PR.

All you need to do is RT the giveaway tweet and follow me on Twitter for your chance to win the Home Again DVD - just released - plus a gorgeous candle from Wax and Wick...

Good luck! Pam x

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Iā€™m in DHC Beauty Heaven!

Are you up for some skincare products based on a fantastic tradition of using the finest ingredients without parabens and other additives?

Then I’ve got some for you to check out.

I’m a total skincare-product addict and my girlfriends have it easy with my birthday - simply give me a new product and I’m in heaven.

So you can imagine my delight when the lovely people at DHC sent me a selection of their fabulous products to try.

Mind you, I’m not a DHC-virgin, regularly using a few of their skincare products. I totally rate their Coenzyme Q10 range.

The CoQ10 eye cream’s a little miracle worker, smoothing lines and leaving my skin supple.

And with my sensitive skin I’ve depended on this range from DHC, a renowned Japanese skincare company selling direct to you online.

Feeling good in your skin, makes you feel good

It doesn’t take a psychologist and self-help expert to know the knock-on effect when your skin’s in top shape. You don’t stare into the mirror, brushing your teeth, wishing you looked a bit more energetic. Instead you’re thinking, thank goodness my skin looks fresh!

Here are some of the products I’ve tried, beginning with my new favourite – Beauty Lift Cream.

I adore a product with a luxury feel. Rich to the touch - sensual even(!) - it glides on beautifully unlike some luxury creams that are too thick.

The sensation of hydration and a richer skin texture lasts all day. Such a benefit.

Two other must-try products in the Beauty Lift range include the Beauty Lift Lotion and Beauty Lift Milk.

The Lotion is a fantastically hydrating toner, perfect for me with my fairly dry skin. The Milk is a bit of magic under make up, and slightly richer than some serums. I’m now a fan of this range.

Thinking about night-time moisturising, the Extra Night-time Moisture, facial moisturiser, is a dream. I don’t like a heavy-feeling night moisturiser that ruins pillowcases.

This vitamin-rich cream left my skin feeling silky smooth yet didn’t leave my pillowcase a shameful-looking mess.

Next I tried Rich Moisture for normal to dry skin. The luminosity of the product is sensational. And that transfers to your skin making it look like angels kissed your face!

It’s another new favourite. And will be an ideal alternative to the Beauty Lift Cream in the summer as it is lighter.

For my body I’ve used the Dry Skin Care Cream and my skin feels much smoother and hydrated – a lovely sensation.

Seeing as every other part of me is now silky soft, we can’t skip the lips. The DHC Lip Cream is another little miracle and a perfect gift when you don’t want to spend a lot but have a friend who loves a beauty treat.

I can’t stand having dry lips and this was the perfect moisturiser without any annoying fragrance. Plus, for smooching, you won’t leave a partner feeling they’re sticking to your lips.

My moisturiser-addiction aside, here are other brilliant products

Confession time, I’m useless at applying make-up. But thankfully blessed with a few great friends who are make-up artists that rescue me when I’m heading to an event or doing some telly.

So I approached the Velvet Skin Coat, a make-up primer, with trepidation. But after applying it, my foundation glided onto my skin much more easily.

Conquering any aspect of putting on make-up scores top marks with me.

For something different try the Face Wash Powder, I’ve never had an exfoliator like this. It’s gentle and calming to the skin, yet really cleanses.

Amazing to travel with due to its powder form. As I go away on lots of trips, this is now a must-pack item.

Also it’s so reasonably priced, another great little gift for a girlfriend.

Let’s finish on facemasks

If you work long hours as I do. Or maybe go out a bit too much (me too!) there’s nothing like treating yourself to a face mask. Lying back in a quiet room, maybe with your favourite playlist turned down low, feeling a bit spoilt.

The Rich Eye Zone Care Pack, the Bio Cellulose, and the Co-enzyme Q10 masks all felt like face-boosting luxury. All of them left my skin feeling fantastic.

But I guess my favourite overall was the Bio Cellulose Mask. I was heading to an event the evening I used it and had a few compliments about my skin glowing.

Who doesn’t like a compliment? But even more important, when your skin is boosted with the right products, you get a little bit of a boost too.

Check the DHC website

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Do you find a man in 'guyliner' hot? You're not alone...

In the Sun newspaper today I've written about why women find a man in eyeliner (guyliner) superhot.

Read on for the reasoning behind this!

Have fun, Pam

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A new trend divorcing and separating parents MUST be mindful of...

I really felt for one of Ewan McGregor's daughters who hosted a song online about the heartbreak she experienced seeing photos of her dad with his new love Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

Ewan you got it all wrong!

Read on for my extensive commentary in today's Daily Express newspaper, if my piece makes one parent think about posting photos of their latest squeeze online, job done.

Take care of your children, Pam x

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Are you a micro-cheat?

In the Sun newspaper today I've commented and given advice on 'micro-cheating'.

Don't know what it is? Check it out, take the quiz and my advice.

Beware micro-cheating is a slippery slope to full on fling.

Take care of yourself, Pam x

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A dirty dozen sex tips to brighten your January...

In today's Mirror newspaper I have 12 sexy steps for you to try this year!
Lots of love, Pam x

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