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Dr Foster hot sex scene? More like Dr No way!

If you're in Dr Foster fan you'll know this week's episode had a fairly dramatic sex scene. It can only be described as hate-sex.

In my Sun newspaper online column I've tackled why ex-partners would want to have sex that's more 'gladiator' than good-to-see-you.

Check it out if you're thinking of having angry sex with your ex.

Be careful, it probably won't have a happy ending so to speak, Pam x


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Do you want more sex than your partner? Check this...

With many women confessing they'd like more sex than their partner does, I've got some tips for you in the Sun newspaper. First things first - focus on the first tip - it's crucial. Maybe you can sort this situation out...

Take care, Pam x


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Spot the signs they're losing interest in sex...before it's too late!

Something I hear about constantly is - I wish I knew they'd been losing interest in us having sex. By then it's too late, your sex life is a big fat zero and resentment has probably built up.

In my latest Sun newspaper online column I've listed some signs to look out for. Prevention is always better than cure!

Take care, Pam x


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Is one of these your dilemma? Affairs, inhibited in bed, trust issues...

My Magnet Magazine dilemmas column is the same as with this month – a real variety of questions.

Check it out if you have trust issues, an affair has come back to haunt you, and maybe your partner is inhibited in bed.

Hope the tips help, Pam x

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Filming with Celebs Go Dating – on E4 from September 4th...

It was totally ace doing a day's filming back in July with the celebs for the upcoming series. The problem? It was 33° – the hottest day in July - and we didn't have air conditioning at the dating agency!

The celebs were troopers as we melted (literally my make up melted!) in the heat trying to do a date coaching session.

Not sure when my contribution will be shown in the series but watch for the shimmering perspiration slowly making its way down my face, lol.

Here's a photo with Nadia Essex and even Blackman - the two dating coaches. Sadly the adorable Tom Read Wilson had left for the day when we took this.

I'm off now on my travel adventure, take the best care of yourselves xx

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Back at Talk Radio Saturday 23rd September taking your calls...

I'm going to miss hearing from you the next three Saturday nights while I'm away. But I'll be back 23rd September taking your sex and relationship dilemma calls, texts and emails.

Look after yourself until then! Thankfully not all the family are coming away with me so the cats will be looked after lovingly and I don't have to get the neighbours in.

I have wonderful neighbours but they're not exactly cat lovers so it's nice when some of the family stay behind to keep a watch on those naughty rascals.

Take care of yourselves in the meantime, Pam x

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Body image worries getting you down in the bedroom?

As the lovely James Argent says he hates his nose, he can join the crowd as I hear from tons of people who hate their body or some aspect of it.

Not only does it affect how you relate to people - and even things like not putting yourself forward at work for promotion. It also puts a big suqeeze on your sex life. And I don't mean the good kind of squeeze when she pulsates her vaginal muscles around his penis!

So check out the tips in my Sun newspaper online article.

Believe in you, Pam x


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As Lauren Goodger posts on social media about wanting to be skinny...

In this week's Star Magazine I've commented on Lauren saying she wants to be super slim again. Not all of my advice got into the magazine as there wasn't enough room but the key things include -

*You need to focus on you as a whole person.

*Yes, you should be fit and healthy but that's not all about weight.

*You must let loved ones know if your weight's becoming an obsession.

*Definitely seek help if your obsession's spinning out of control.

Take care of yourself, Pam x

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Call me at Talk Radio tomorrow night (Saturday, August 26th)!

My summer stint at Talk is continuing and we discuss everything that matters to your sex-life and love-life and relationships.

That all-important number is 0344 499 1000. Call and say hello tonight and we'll chat things over.

My lovely producer can change your name to give you anonymity.

I have lots of fantastic guests this week – supermodel Caprice joins me for a 'special', the man I call Mr Sunshine Ricky Norwood, the fabulous Lizzie Cundy and also the lovely Andy West are all my guests.

Our chat is real, genuine and frank - best for 18+ listeners!

You can also Tweet your question to @talkRADIO or text TALK and your message to 87222. Texts cost 25p plus your standard network rate.

Join in and help make it the best possible show - no dilemma it's too small or too large.

Lots of love, Pam x

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Interested in skin rejuvenation? But don't want fillers?

I must say the thought of having fillers injected into my face freaks me out - I hate needles!

But as I'm the sort of person who 'burns the candle' - works hard, plays hard, with many late nights out with friends - I felt my skin could use some rejuvenation.

So I definitely recommend Prof Haq at Invictus Humanus clinic in Harley Street. Prof Haq (not to be confused with a Dr Haq) is highly skilled in such treaments, always willing to talk everything through and answer any questions about your skin requirements.

Here's his website - as you'll see he offers other techniques, too.

Of course ultimately what shines out from you, as a person, is most important. Also eating well (I love wholesome, good nourishing food) and exercising (I'm a runner) helps your skin, too.
But if you want to feel fresh-faced too, I see nothing wrong with a little skin rejuvenation.

As I said, though, fillers freak me out. You'll never get me near any of those!

Take care of yourself, Pam x


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