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Have the seasonal blues got to you? Check this out...

Thursday morning, September 13th, I'm discussing seasonal affective disorder on BBC Radio Surrey and BBC Radio Sussex at 10:15 AM.

I'm going to be talking about my own experience of SAD and the tips you can use for yours.

You don't want to feel like this for the next few months...

I hope you'll listen in, lots of love, Pam x

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I have a gorgeous giveaway competition for you!

We've left summer behind, and people are missing the sunshine and fun, but here's something to put a little sunshine in your life!

I've teamed up with the lovely people at Bijoux Indiscrets (@bijouxindiscret), who have the most sensual and erotic products.

For a chance to win their luxury Aphrodisia massage oil and candle check my Twitter page for the details @drpamspurr.

The randomly selected winner will be announced next week, good luck!

Happy weekend, Pam x

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Wanderlust starts tonight so here are the dirty dozen dos and don'ts for open relationships...

As BBC1 brings us a new television drama, Wanderlust, I've written about the dos and don'ts of open relationships in my latest Sun column.

If you're thinking of one, definitely check it out!

You evening cocoa might be a bit hotter...

Take care of yourself, Pam x


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Are there signs someone like Lisa Armstrong's moving on from a break up? My comment...

Lisa Armstrong has had to cope with a horrible breakup from Ant McPartlin in the gaze of the entire TV-country.

But what can we tell about Lisa - or anyone - when it comes to how they're moving on after the heartache? There are various signs to watch for!

Here are a few thoughts in today's Daily Star.

Look after yourself if you're in the throes of a breakup, Pam x


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Are you chained to your desk?

If I'm not in a meeting, running between meetings then I'm chained to my desk. As into my fitness this is always worried me and I was so happy when the people at Varidesk UK gifted me a Varidesk.

This is perfect for swapping between a standing and sitting position while you work. I've been opting for a couple hours sitting and then a couple hours standing at my new desk.

Here's what it looks like when it's in the sitting position in my office. Check their website and look after your deak-ergonomics, Pam x

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Which of the Celebrity Big Brother housemates have the most to prove?

The Daily Star asked for my thoughts on which of the housemates had the most to prove about themselves, who had really negative simages' they wanted to change most.

Many have been caught in media storms and here's what I think are some of the most negative headlines to turn around.

One of my fave photos with the adorable Rylan last summer...

Wishing you a storm-free and fun long weekend, Pam x


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Oh my! Answers to sex questions you're too embarrassed to ask...

I get asked lots of sex questions that people feel too shy to discuss with their doctor or a friend.

To spare your blushes my new Sun newspaper online column answers a variety of questions that I get.

Here's hoping your secret question is amongst them – check them here.

Take care, and don't let embarrassment mean that you're ignorant of a straightforward answer, Pam x


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Talking how parents can damage their children on The Wright Stuff...

It was great to be back at TWS on Channel 5 yesterday talking one aspect of how children can be damaged by what their parents say to them.

Do you over-praise your children especially when it comes to their looks?

More on this topic when I have time!

But here's the lovely Matt Barbet who's presenting TWS this week...

Take care, Pam x

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Are you guilty of reproductive harassment?? Check yourself...

Having heard so many awful stories of women in the 'motherhood window' (late 20s to early40s) being asked the most intimate questions about whether they're planning to have children, here's my heartfelt piece in the Daily Mail.

Please check it out and check yourself before you ask such intrusive, hurtful questions...that are none of your business #NOYB!

Take care, Pam x



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