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QUIZ: What Type of Gift Giver Are You?


What Type of Gift Giver Are You?

From the practical to the flamboyant -- the types of gifts you give say much about your personality!

What Your Gift Giving Habits Say about Your Personality

Behaviour Expert Dr Pam Spurr reveals the secrets in your seasonal shopping

The things that you spend money on - plus the way that you shop - go right to the core of your personality. That's because the impulses behind your purchases come from deeply-rooted feelings around your experiences of giving and receiving presents.

Take my quick quiz to identify your "gift giving personality". Answer honestly!

1/Do you expect people to spend as much on your gift as you do on theirs?

A/ I'm more than happy to give generously and don't worry about the return

B/ It can be awkward if there's a big cost difference in the gifts you give each other

C/ I never think about what someone's spent on my gift

D/ I'd much rather spend more because it’ll help get the result I want


2/How much thought goes into the gifts you buy?

A/I love to spend time dreaming up exciting gifts

B/I allocate a set amount of time thinking about a gift list

C/ Loads - I like a gift to reflect how I feel about someone

D/ Not much as long as it looks good/expensive


3/Do you let people know (e.g. hint, let slip) how much you spent on a gift?

A/If they asked I wouldn't mind telling them

B/No, I try to avoid that

C/Never, I'd hate to give that away as it's the thought that counts

D/ I'm quite adept at dropping hints as I work hard to buy luxury gifts


4/Do you ever make/bake/create gifts?

A/I love to let my imagination run wild and get creative

B/If I can organise the time I'm happy to

C/I love to give things from the heart that I've made

D/ Never, I always purchase gifts


5/ The way I feel about gift shopping is best described as -

A/Pure heaven - I love getting fabulous ideas for gifts

B/ I'm happy to do it when I have to

C/Pure hell - I really can't take the crowds, noise and stress

D/ I keep completely focused on my goals


6/ Are you happy to give gift vouchers?

A/ If I did I'd also add a creative twist

B/ I don't mind if they've specifically requested it

C/ I'd rather not as they are so impersonal

D/ Yes, because then there’s no mistaking how much I've spent


7/ Do you like "secret Santa" (where a strict budget is set) gift giving?

A/Yes, because I love the challenge to be creative on a tight budget

B/It can be a bit stressful sticking to the budget

C/Yes, because often the simplest gifts are the nicest ones

D/I don't stick to the budget knowing whoever gets my gift will be dead pleased

8/ What do you expect from someone when they open your gift?

A/ I expect them to be thrilled/happy

B/ I hope they like it

C/I hope they’re touched by it

D/ I hope they're grateful

Mostly As – Generous

You have a generous, extrovert and flamboyant spirit! By generous I mean "generous of spirit" and not that you feel you have to spend a lot of money. You love the thrill of getting something different and unique, and are naturally a creative person. You find it a real pleasure to get an excited reaction to your gift. Their excitement makes you excited and your extrovert nature is fun to be around. You love to be appreciated but just make sure you're not insecure about it particularly if someone doesn't reciprocate with an equally creative gift.

Mostly Bs – Practical

Although you're very practical and down to earth when it comes to choosing gifts they generally still come from the heart. You're a reliable sort of person and people know they can count on you. When choosing and giving a gift you try to give something useful that person will appreciate. You like to be appreciated but you’re not insecure about things - for instance if someone gives you a gift that you wouldn't have chosen yourself it doesn’t worry you. You’ll always find a use for it!

Mostly Cs – Sensitive

You have an extremely thoughtful personality in life generally plus when it comes to selecting a gift. You really want the recipient to feel valued and special. You put part of yourself into every gift. You don't take friendship lightly and are sensitive to others' needs. Just ensure you don't get overly sensitive when someone gives you a meaningless gift! Don't read more into it than was meant as with other areas of your life when sometimes you take things to heart that you shouldn't.

Mostly Ds – Controlling

You have a controlling nature which is sometimes disguised as a generous nature. Yes, you can be generous but you’re prone to using gifts as if they were money to purchase control over others. Gift giving for you seems more about getting control in relationships or recognition at work. This is actually fairly common and is probably due to insecurities you have. These mean there is likely to be an agenda when you give something. Try to find a truly generous spirit where it's not about the cost of something - and gaining control of someone's attention or affection - but it's about the act of giving that important. Put yourself on a strict budget and get creative with your giving.

Published in the Express Newspaper