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The Secrets Between Your Sheets -

I give you the low-down on your sleep positions

How Couples Appear To Other People -
Think about the way you might notice how one couple sits snugly together and cuddles each other but another couple has distance between them and doesn't touch any part of their bodies. You might well make the assumption that the first couple his more deeply in love and emotionally connected. And you might be right! Although the second couple might have had a disagreement and that's why they are keeping their distance but they could possibly have a great relationship to.

What Secrets Can We Find Out At Bedtime About A Couple?
Just as you might make a guess about couples that you've observed sitting and interacting together it's also true that we can make some judgements about the way a couple sleeps together - and how connected they might be.

Because unless someone has a physical problem that keeps them well apart at night or perhaps one of the couple's snores and is a nightmare to sleep with, then most couples sleep in a way that shows how connected they are.


Here are some different ways that couples sleep and what it might say about their relationship:


The Spoons - The Woman Behind

This is a protective and sensual way to sleep. Protective because it makes a woman feel that her partner is looking after her in this position. But it's also a sensual as the man can reach around and caress his partner. This position hints at a traditional relationship.


The Spoons - The Man Behind
This is a very nurturing position and shows that the woman is the backbone of the relationship. She cuddles her partner and makes him feel loved and secure in this position. In this relationship the man wouldn't be frightened of letting go of responsibilities and letting his partner be his emotional anchor.


Poles Apart -

Both partners sleep on their sides, with their backs turned to each other, facing the edge of the bed. This signals that you lack connection with each other and you may suffer from a lack of intimacy. You might also be too independent in the way you run your lives so you end up independent between the sheets! Make sure you're not living life on two parallel tracks that never meet and across.


Pushed Out -
One of you hogs the bed and literally makes the other partner feel pushed out. They cling to the edge of the bed and usually don't sleep well. Sometimes this is due to the partner’s size - if they’re large or tall they quite naturally take up too much space. However if this isn't the case it may signal that they’re selfish in your relationship and are dominating it.


Luscious Lust -
He sleeps on his back while she's on her side cuddled up into his arms for full-on contact. Not only does this make foreplay easier for some night-time naughtiness but if you fall asleep this way too then it signals you simply can’t resist cuddling up and feeling that closeness. You’re probably still in the honeymoon phase of your relationship and should make sure you don't lose some of that desire.


Emotional Neediness -
He's signalling that he really needs you when you lie on your back and he cuddles up into your arms! He needs a real emotional connection and to feel comforted by your arms. Just make sure you don't find him too needy.


Top Tips To Bridge The Divide In Your Bedroom -

ü  Always make up if you've argued before you go to bed. Couples that don't resolve their arguments end up feeling poles apart emotionally - as well as literally - when they turn away from their partner and refuse to have any contact. Nobody gets a good night's sleep in this mood!

ü  Let your partner know (particularly a new one that you may feel more inhibited around) if there's any reason you prefer a position that keeps you apart from them. It may be that you feel the heat very easily and so don't like another person's body warmth making you feel too hot. Or it may be that you've got a back problem or something like that and have to adopt a certain position to be comfortable. What ever it is make sure they don't think it's them if you choose a position that doesn't allow any connection.


ü  Always seal your sleep with a kiss and hug goodnight no matter what position you both prefer. As long as you've shown each other that you care then it doesn't really matter if you prefer poles apart.


ü  Keep subtle lighting at your bedside to create a loving and a restful mood. Also choose the colours you use in your bedroom carefully so that they promote relaxation.


ü  The calmer you two are as you get into bed can help you feel more connected to each other. To help achieve a sense of calmness in your room and between you two, ban technology like mobiles and laptops from the bedroom to make sure you don't end up poles apart.



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