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Huge and heavy handbags reflect the modern woman's psyche


Huge and heavy handbags reflect the modern woman's psyche

Our huge and heavy handbags reflect the modern woman's psyche. We cram them full of stuff because we think we need all these things to conduct our lives efficiently. There's so much pressure on us to look perfect for every meeting throughout our long days that we carry all of our favourite handbag-size lotions and potions to freshen-up our look at every turn. I even know women who carry around things like hair straighteners!


Add to that the technology and gadgets that enslave us - mobiles, Blackberrys, Ipods, etc., that we won’t leave home without. We think life will be easier but it's not when we feel pressure to react immediately, say, the second the Blackberry pings at us. There's a horrible anxiety that we'll miss something from a friend or colleague so we think we must stay in touch 24/7. This is even more important when it comes to friendships as we work long hours and see our friends less in many cases so don't want to miss any text or e-mail. Those connect us to our friends and partners - they become our emotional anchors rather than actually seeing someone.


There's also a very modern sense of security that we get, at an emotional level, by having a handbag fit to burst. We feel invincible in a stressful world because we’ve remembered everything we might need and we've got every possible scenario covered off. And we also have a very modern phobia of leaving the one thing behind that we might need - meaning we pack an extra top, or a pair of flats to run around in when our high heels start hurting, or tights just in case we snag ours. We also carry a healthy snack to fuel our energy, vitamins, even a bottle of water - heavens knows, we survived before these, I don't recall people keeling over from thirst!


Finally, as long as we're so aware of fashion trends (and that's not going to change with so much information on fashion at our finger tips) we’ve become dependent on having the "right" things so we buy a "must-have" bag in every colour and style. These will satisfy our need to be on trend as well as to fill up the emotional black holes that many of us have from living life at full tilt and feeling disconnected. Once we have all this stuff to combat these modern anxieties it's easy to become dependent on them as they're like a habit that’s hard to break.