Some Psychology of High Heels

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Some Psychology of High Heels


Some Psychology of High Heels - a couple questions and answers:


What sort of person chooses to wear very high heels?


"Very high heels are worn by two main personality types. First there's the extremely feminine woman that likes the fact that a high heel lengthens the look of the leg. A high heel also accentuates the musculature of the leg giving a sensual, feminine, and curvaceous line. The overall effect is one of flirtatiousness as she swings along on the top of her heels. Or even "vulnerability" if she teeters about on high heels. Watch out though, as there's a certain steeliness of character underlying this type of "vulnerability"! But also women with quite dominant personalities wear high heels to give the visual impression of a larger physique. Appearing taller is associated with positive psychological character traits like being successful and confident. This type of woman walks confidently in high heels in a more "masculine" manner then the first type."


What does it say about you if you wear flats, or lower heels.


"Wearing flat heels sends the message that you’re literally a down-to-earth, competent, reliable, no fuss - and perhaps no finesse - type of personality! Women who wear flat shoes suggest they’re mainly about "business" and less about pleasure. Depending on the style of a lower heel they can give out quite a different message than flats. For example, kitten heels would be associated with a playful, fun and creative personality type.


Even if we're not consciously aware of the messages different heel heights send certainly at a subconscious level we are driven to select styles that are part of the whole package of how we present ourselves to the world. Fashions have always been used to make a statement about our personalities and shoes are no different. This is particularly true for a shoe-worshipping woman who knows exactly what message one style may give compared to another. "