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Thoughts on why women love TV doctors!


Thoughts on why women love TV doctors!


What do you think the appeal of the TV doctor is?

"The TV doctor has enormous appeal because they pander to all sorts of fantasies. They play on our fantasies to be saved and rescued. Many women won't own up to these but they are common fantasies that stem from many women's insecurities. The play into female fantasies about “men and honour”, as we expect doctors to be honourable and that they wouldn't let us down. Finally most of the TV docs are gorgeous or at least have fantastic/funny personalities like Zac Braff’s character Dr Dorian in Scrubs."

How big is the gulf between fantasy (Zac Braff in scrubs, etc) and reality?

"The point of fantasy is that it's so much better with then a person's reality! And as with all fantasies the gulf between them and reality is fairly vast. The reality is doctors are only human and actually have higher rates of self-destructive behaviours a like alcohol and drug misuse and are more likely to commit suicide than most any other profession."

Do women secretly want to be looked after? Or is it a sexual fantasy about
being powerless? Or neither?

"In a day and age where women are expected to compete with men in the workplace and yet still juggle the lion’s share of things like housework and child care, many longed to be looked after at least temporarily. A fantasy gives them this temporary release from day-to-day stresses and strains. The fact that doctors get let in on your most intimate secrets - both physical and emotional - means that the fantasy often has a core value of being able to give oneself over completely to the doctor – and be accepted, loved and cared for by him."