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Colour Therapy For Your Life!


Colour Therapy For Your Life!

Understand how colours impact on your life!

We take our immediate surroundings for granted and forget how much our habitat affects our mood and wellbeing. But research shows that we’re very much influenced by the colours around us and by those that we wear.


The burgeoning interior design, fashion and beauty industries promote shades and tones to enhance every aspect of your life right down to eye make-up! Feeling sensual? Then it's a case of soft greys around the eyes and crimson lips. Going Gothic? Black kohl, pale foundation but dark blusher, will do the trick. With this in mind here's an At-A-Glance Guide to “colour therapy”.


Six Shades You’re Likely To Wear And How They'll Affect Mood And Image:


Blacks and dark greys -

* Your mood - These can be emotionally stifling if you're not already in a happy or positive mood. Research shows depressed people reinforce their low feelings by dressing in dark colours.
* Your image - Draining to the complexion, you may be perceived as serious, conservative, and even someone that brings the mood down unless these colours are well-accessorised or in a sophisticated, sexy or unique style.


Blues, violets and dark, rich pinks -

* Your mood - Such tones can have a calming and soothing effect that helps to stabilise your mood. Brighter shades are more uplifting.
* Your image - People will take you as someone that’s trustworthy and well-grounded.


Greens and yellows -

* Your mood - These colours help you feel upbeat and give a positive energy. Wearing them can help invigorate you throughout the day.
* Your image - You’ll be seen as an individual that's not frightened of change and gets on with things. Very positive unless in a conservative environment where it seems OTT.


Reds and oranges -
* Your mood - Not the colours to relax in! These fuel energy levels but sometimes may be irritating if you're fatigued or stressed. Might leave you feeling frenetic unless feeling confident/positive.
* Your image - These can be disconcerting to others if particularly vibrant. You may be perceived as overpowering. Unless the shades are balanced by a gentle manner, people might feel discomfort/disquiet around you.


Taupes, khakis, beiges and pale pinks -

* Your mood - These choices are reassuring to our well-being and will enhance a neutral mood state and can also be steadying to frazzled nerves.

* Your image - You'll be seen as having a gentle predictable nature. Make sure you're not perceived as bland or boring by choosing accessories carefully.


Whites and creams -

* Your mood - These tones are uplifting, positive, and may make you feel you've had a confidence boost.

* Your image - People might take you for being aspirational and that you’re quite competitive. They may see you as being choosy and even have a perfectionist streak.


The Six Main Environmental "Moods" And The Colours That Create Them:
There are some differences in the way mood is affected by the colours we wear as opposed to the colours we decorate with.


Energising And Refreshing -

A number of colours enhance this mood state. Clean and bright mid-blues and clear bright yellows are perfect for energising and refreshing. Reds can do the same but only when used on one wall or to accent a room rather than dominate it. Mid-to-lime greens that aren’t too vibrant also refresh. Please note that darker blues and dark golds become more calming, and electric shades become might be irritating.


Authority And Seriousness -

Using darker and royal blues, and forest greens in a formal drawing or dining room conveys authority. In large rooms you can use deep purples, dark greys and even blacks for a formal, studious and serious effect.


Sensuality -

Deep crimsons and rich, chocolatey tones enhance your feelings of sensuality and can convey an erotic feeling. But be careful in small rooms that such choices don't overpower and destroy the desired affect. Clear, earth tones as well as rich, salmon pinks also enhance a sensual mood.


Comforting, Calming And Tranquillising -

Many colours in the correct, pale shade can promote this type of mood-state. Paler shades of lilac, lavenders, and blues that aren’t bright as well as pale, fleshy pink tones give a sense of comfort and calm. Also pale, brick-earth tones as well as rich gold and buttery tones are tranquillising.


Liberating And Freeing -

A variety of shades can be freeing to the spirit. Sunshine yellows, mid-to-light greens, and turquoises are very liberating. Fresh, bright, but not dark pinks and corals also uplift your mood. Lively shades of mint and of avocado greens will achieve this, too.


Neutral And Stable -

If you need an environment that is conducive to stability or where you don't want emotions aroused, e.g., in an office reception area, there are a number of shades to try. Pale grey-green shades, dove greys, oatmeals, pale beiges and browns, rich creams, and taupes will provide this.


Published in The Express Newspaper