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Games you ONLY play with a partner...​

​Not had any fun 'n games recently? So many people are stressed out and it creeps into the bedroom and is a total laughter-hoover.

This means o​ne of the biggest complaints I hear is
w​e don't have fun anymore!
​No fear, in my the latest Sun newspaper online column I have six fun and easy sex games for you to play.
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Game on! Pam x

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Have the mean fingers of anxiety crept into your life? Check out the tips...

We've got a plague of anxiety! From those who have bouts of it to those with chronic GAD - generalised anxiety disorder – it saps your mental and emotional energy.

Check the tips in the blog I did for the fantastic charity Ditch the Label - and why not give them a follow on Twitter?

Start today with just one tip to start understanding and controlling your anxiety so it no longer controls you.
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Thinking of you, Pam x

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Hope you saw my tips about keeping it real! In other words not faking it...

A few days ago some of my top tips for reaching climax published in the Sun newspaper. You might think an occasional, cheeky, fake orgasm speeds up sex when you're not in the mood. But that's wrong for so many reasons! Check my climax tips in the Sun.

Make sex something you dream about...not dread! Image result for images of couple in bed with quotes
Have fun! Pam X

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'Made up' to be mother of the bride! Wellbeing tips and Elizabeth Arden review

When my daughter rang nine months ago to say her boyfriend had proposed it was a classic mum-moment. You know, tearful, gushing about the wonderful news, slightly over-the-top.

But my reaction was understandable. I was totally ‘made up’, as the saying goes, because her fiancé is so lovely.

Now her wedding’s whizzing around on 6th May. It seems like yesterday she got engaged and felt like we had loads of time to plan her big day.

But trust me, nine months is nothing in the scale of wedding plans! So I’m determined as the mother of the bride to keep as calm as possible so I can help her keep calm. (Ha! Truthfully she's more organised than I am, she'll be calming me down!)

Although at times it feels like palpitations are just around the corner, I’m using little tips to stay serene. Here are a few tips to help you, too:

If faced with a wedding – or any another event - it’s crucial to make a little time for yourself each day. Even if you lie down (read that as ‘collapse’) for 10 minutes, an eye mask or a few cucumber slices thrown over your eyes, it’s worth it.

Definitely build these me-moments into your diary in the days leading up to the event. Honestly, I’d be on my knees if I didn’t have a little oasis here and there.

If you haven’t got a list on the go (trust me, I have half a dozen), sort one now. And start prioritising - put the A-list, must-dos, at the top. Set reminders to ping at you from your mobile or laptop for any crucial deadlines for your plans.

Be ruthless with your time. All my old friends understand when I’ve had to ditch drinks, etc., recently. It’s trickier with people who don’t really know your life (and mine’s slightly insane right now), but do it.

Or you’ll regret sitting through half-hearted chit-chat, when in the back of your mind you’re thinking about the next meeting with the florist, the cake-maker, the final dress fitting, the biodegradable confetti, the drinks, food, the DJs… that’s just the beginning.

Don’t be shy – ask for help when you need it. It doesn’t make you a stronger person to juggle endless tasks when there are probably people around you who’d help out.

Just as many weddings have a rehearsal, definitely have a dress rehearsal for your dress and make up. I’ve tried out a lovely selection of gorgeous Elizabeth Arden cosmetics* and now I know exactly the look I’ll go for to compliment my dress.

So from being ‘made up’ about the engagement, to make up, see my cosmetics review below.

Let’s begin with coverage - I love the smooth, light-medium coverage of the Prevage Anti-ageing Foundation. And I’m super-picky about foundations. Coverage was perfect for something like a wedding where you want your skin to look good in the photos but also more natural for face-to-face events.

Absolutely love the fact it has its anti-ageing ingredients, too.

The Ceramide Cream Blush in the ‘Nectar’ shade - which is an Elizabeth Arden ‘hero’ as it’s so popular! It gives such a natural look, adding colour to my fairly pale skin without being over the top. The texture is luscious, subtle and easily applied and comes in a wide range of shades.

The Eyeshadow Trio I tried is ‘Oh So Pink’, not as pink as the name sounds! Subtle with a light shimmer, I love the fact it didn’t feel ‘dry’ on my eyelids - I hate that feeling with some brands! The Elizabeth Arden eyeshadows have a lovely range of colours, something for everyone.

Displaying ElizArdenOhSoPinkEyeShadowTrio.jpg


Adding in the Beautiful Color Smoky Eyes Pencil, Beautiful Color Eye Liner, Beautiful Color Brow Shaper and Eyeliner, completed the look

The Beautiful Color Luminous Lip Gloss in ‘Latte’ is bang on trend for the more ‘nude’ look. The texture’s rich without being sticky. I’m love with this lippie! So moisturising and shades are to die for.

And it worked perfectly with The Beautiful Color Precision Lip Liner.

I’ve also tried the Sheer Kiss Lip Oil in ‘Nude Oasis’, that’s super moisturising, so hydrating. And with some nerves as the mother of the bride – and occasional chewing on my lips – I need that hydration!

Displaying _20170420_185334.JPG

Whatever the make-up range you’re using, practice so it’s second nature for your event. It’s going to be nerve wracking enough for me as mother of the bride on the big day, so I want to know exactly the look I’m going for.

Visit Elizabeth Arden here Elizabeth Arden

*Please note products were supplied by Elizabeth Arden but no payment was made for this article.

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Don't do online dating badly! Check this:

In my Sun newspaper online column today I've got unmissable tips for you if you're single and your on dating apps and websites.

So many singles are having big fat 'fails' with online dating – don't let that be you.
Remember it's the little things that might put someone off your online dating profile...Image result for funny dating image

You want the good times! Pam x p,s, These are seven of my top tips but I have hundreds of tips in my dating guide from a couple summers ago – The Laws of Sisterhood – on my homepage.

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What's the hottest sex position? And stop faking orgasms! All here:

So what's the hottest sex position as voted for in a big survey? Read on and check out my advice in the Sun newspaper online.

And what about faking it? You might think an occasional, cheeky, fake orgasm speeds up sex when you're not in the mood. But that's wrong for so many reasons!
Check my climax tips in today's Sun newspaper.

Have fun! Pam x

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Six red hot sex dreams and what they reveal...

In my Sun newspaper online column this week I've tackled the somewhat mystifying sex dreams people have. Christine Lampard had revealed in the Sun that Frank has dreamt of watching her getting frisky with others. Pretty kinky, or is it?

Check out the top red hot dreams here that you might well have had.

Sweet dreams tonight, Pamx

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An affair that was accidentally revealed, a threesome problem and more...

This month in my Magnet Magazine column I've got an interesting array of questions. From the woman left out of her mother's will to a man who is surprised about his partner's threesome request, and more.

Check out my answers here. Please note this link takes a few seconds to open.

Look after yourself, Pam x

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Seven signs you might be dating a sociopath....

In my latest Sun newspaper column online I've tackled a rather interesting topic: some of the signs that you might be involved with a sociopath!

Check out seven of these right here.

Take care of yourself and happy weekend, Pam x

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Spring clean your self-esteem!

The sun has started coming out and it feels great. People feel a natural boost making it the perfect time to improve your self-esteem.

The problem is, despite the changing weather there's still an epidemic of low self-esteem with many women reporting they don't feel 'good enough'.

It doesn't have to be this way and here are some of my top tips to rock better self-esteem:

Move on from toxic people – who hasn’t had a toxic friend or colleague who manages to bash your self-esteem? Learn to recognise people who have a poisonous effect on you.

Keep them at arm’s length, remind yourself they’re the one with the problem, and focus your energies on those who appreciate you.

Beware the selfie-esteem problem – who doesn’t want to post a good selfie - either on your own or with friends – on social media. But set boundaries on getting anxious about it.

Show your quirky side, let your personality shine through, don’t worry about what you see as imperfections. Other people don’t see them!

Recognise your triggers – when overwhelmed or stressed-out the science shows your feelings about yourself plummets. So recognise the triggers that cause you stress.

Make a list of them and how you could respond to them more positively. Taking action gives you a sense of control and is an automatic boost to self-esteem.

Listen to what you’re thinking – is your inner voice beating you up? Does it tell you that you’re a bit useless, not good enough, wish you were more attractive or had better banter?

Challenge it! Remind yourself of your last little successes, the good things in your life, etc. Practice challenging it every day.

Dump your regrets – do you spend half of your day wishing you hadn’t broken up with your boyfriend, regretting not taking that other job, wishing you had gone on that holiday with your best friend, etc.

Draining your emotional energy like this, drains your self-esteem. Because you’re telling yourself you make bad decisions, and you lack confidence in choices you’ve made. Everyone has regrets but not everyone dwells on them.

Don’t keep it to yourself – if having a tough day, or a tough time, you damage your self-esteem more by not reaching out. Message or ring the person who always makes you feel good. Let them know you appreciate them and need a positive-chat with them. 

Look after your skin – having a glowing complexion also uplifts you! I'm a big fan of Elizabeth Arden and I find the ranges make my skin feel great. So check out a few of the products I love below.

Trust your intuition - learn to listen to your intuition. People with high self-esteem trust in their gut instincts. Those riddled with doubts about, e.g., looking for a new job or dumping a toxic friend, never trust in their intuition.

Accept that failure doesn’t define you - If you've tried something and it hasn’t worked out, it’s not a failure. Remind yourself that you had the confidence to put yourself out there. And at the very least you've learnt something.

Get prioritising your life - it’s a sign of low self-esteem when someone never says no, always feels obliged to say yes to other people, and doesn’t prioritise them self. It’s not being selfish to say no to someone who always ‘takes’ (remember those toxic people). Time to prioritise looking after yourself.

I know how lovely it feels when my skin is at its best. And I absolutely love the beauty products from Elizabeth Arden who have sent me some of the new Superstart Skin Renewal Booster, some of the Ceramide range, and Visible Difference Optimising Skin Serum.*


Let’s begin with the new and innovative Superstart Skin Renewal Booster. It is ‘skin bliss’ in a bottle! I loved the texture - so easily applied. And as with all Arden products you don’t feel you need to use a lot.


The Visible Difference Optimising serum is another beaut! Lovely to the touch and you feel it lasts on your skin. Unlike some products (by other companies) where I feel I want to reapply them straightaway.

The Ceramide range which has a very different feel to it. But again I loved the texture of the Ceramide range which has a very different feel to it. The Ceramide Premiere Intense Moisture Cream is super luxurious. As it’s very rich, I’d take a small amount, warm it between my fingers and then stroke it over my skin.

Both the Ceramide Capsules Daily Youth Restoring Eye Serum and Ceramide Capsules Daily Youth Restoring Serum (face) have an easy-to-use feel. And again they have a real lasting quality. You don’t feel you have to top them up within a couple hours.

All of these Elizabeth Arden products have a lasting feel whether they are day or night time products. The quality shines through when your skin appreciates it!

 Visit Arden at Elizabeth Arden

*Please note no payment was made for this article.

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